[Olsr-users] olsrd 0.4.10 compatible with olsrd 0.5.x?

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Fri Oct 16 21:56:34 CEST 2009

Am 16.10.2009, 20:33 Uhr, schrieb <(spam-protected)>:

> Hi,
> Is olsrd 0.4.10 compatible with olsrd 0.5.x?

in theory yes, the packet format is the same, ...

but they are not bug compatible,.. *g

which may cause odd behaviour on both sides,..

> I thought I read somewhere that it was not, but I'm unable to find that

this may be true, from a practical point of view *G

> information again. So, rather than wasting further time looking, I  
> thought I'd ask.
> And yes, I know I should upgrade...
yes you should!!!
> thanks,
>  robert

lg Markus

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