[Olsr-users] Client management in olsrd

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Thu Oct 15 15:55:07 CEST 2009

Dear all
I have just started to use olsrd application. Since last two months, I  
have tried to implemented a plugin related to client management in  
mesh network by using HNA message.In my platform, I have separated  
network in two domains. First is mesh backbone where AP connected each  
other and running olsrd application. Another domain is client network  
where laptops can access to the network by associating with one of  
APs. In my objective, I want APs can update the current location of  
client by using HNA message. For example, when  client_1 join to AP_A,  
AP_A will put the address of client_1 to HNA message and broadcast to  
all APs.


         ******                 ******
         *AP_A*                 *AP_C*
         ******                 ******

Currently I use netlink socket to detect when clients are associated  
to AP.Of course, I can put the client information to HNA msg and  
update in routing table of neighbor APs. However, now I am facing some  
problems about updating the routing table. For example when client_1  
moved to associate with AP_C. AP_B and C still keep old information  
between client_1 and AP_a. Therefore, I would like to request some  
information, how can I update the routing table of neighbor AP or  
delete the routing entry of previous connection. Thank you very much  
for your consideration.

Best regards

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