[Olsr-users] LuCI or not LuCI ?

mickey (spam-protected)
Thu May 21 14:44:48 CEST 2009


L. Aaron Kaplan schrieb:
> in case there are bugs, let us know.
I have found an issue (which might be considered minor but it tickles me).

Both current versions of the olsrd package in Kamikaze are not able to
properly deal with the LinkQualityMult parameter when its specified more
than once within the uci config. The startscript does not keep them all
but only put the last one into the dynamicly created config file.


config 'Interface'
        option 'interface' 'tinc'
        option 'LinkQualityMult' ' 0.5'
        option 'LinkQualityMult' ' 0.5'
        option 'LinkQualityMult' ' 0.5'
        option 'LinkQualityMult' ' 0.5'


Interface "eth2"
        LinkQualityMult 0.5

I'd love to be able to simply provide a patch but i couldnt find the
time to solve the problem myself.



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