[Olsr-users] no previous prototype for 'olsr_kernel_del_route6'

Mathias Mahnke (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 29 22:32:37 CET 2009

Am 29.01.2009 22:05 Uhr, schrieb Henning Rogge:
>> No outgoing packages seen so far on the en1 interface. If you or someone
>> needs more information let me know.
> Okay...
> go to main.c (line ~ 860) and replace your olsr_times() function with this 
> one:
> clock_t
> olsr_times(void)
> {
>   struct tms tms_buf;
>   return times(&tms_buf);
> }
> I think this should solve some of the problems, I think it's already contained 
> in the tip of the stable branch, but not in 0.5.6r3 (yes, we really want to 
> push out 0.5.6r4 soon, but there are some other important bugfixes that are 
> still being backported)...

okay, as I did a hg clone, I can find here:

static INLINE clock_t olsr_times(void)
#ifndef linux
  struct tms tms_buf;
  return times(&tms_buf);
  return times(NULL);

There is no olsr_times() function present in main.c, so I guess this is
the lastest implementation. To be sure I removed the ifdef statements
and compiled + tested again:

--- 22:29:36.794214 ----------------------------------------------------

IP address       hyst         LQ       ETX     0.000  0.251/0.000    INFINITE     0.000  0.686/0.000    INFINITE


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