[Olsr-users] Sticky gateway

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Sun Jan 25 19:49:30 CET 2009

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Juliusz Chroboczek schrieb:
>> Your example is right in theory, but it's wrong in practice.
> I'm not quite sure what to make of this statement.  I've been brought up to
> believe that either theory and practice agree, or the theory is wrong.
>> Our link quality values on a link are never total stable because of the ETX 
>> metric we use. Most times they go up and down by 0.1 or more.
> Except on wired networks.  You do use cables and/or tunnels, right?
>> But we are talking about both problems (the possibility or routing loops to 
>> the HNA 0 gateway AND the instable routing metrics) and I hope we will get 
>> better solutions for this problems in the next 12 months (much to do, not 
>> enough time to do it ;) ).
> I'm looking forward to seeing your solution.
> In the meantime, I think it'd be a good idea not to recommend the sticky
> gateway feature for general use.

in theory and reality, the mentioned problem does not occour often, as
the hysteresis is only really needed, when you are "in the middle"
between 2 uplinks.
soon as the packet is forwarded in any direction, it is not "in the
middle" anymore and will get forwarded into the right direction.

>                                         Juliusz

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