[Olsr-users] Off Topic: Frequency select

Derek C (spam-protected)
Sat Jan 24 19:54:16 CET 2009

Hi all,

Sorry - this is [yet another] off topic mesh question again:

I'm having interference problems - no surprise I suppose because I'm using
2.4 Ghz.  I see a good association strength (via wlanconfig athX list sta)
and I've found that with lots of iperf tests the through put is sometimes
7Mbits/sec and sometimes <1Mbit/second.  Also it can be good for a number
of tests and I'll try again later and it'll be poor again so I reckon its

I'm using channel 6 (2.437).

I don't know if/how to control bandwidth (Mhz channel width) in madwifi so
I think I only have channels 1,6 and 11 available like normal APs.

Unless perhaps its good to be in the middle and accept interference on the
main channels (like channels 3 and 9)?

What have you found to be a good channel selection?


Derek C
In Ireland

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