[Olsr-users] Sticky gateway [was: olsr and streaming]

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 19 10:12:32 CET 2009

Am Monday 19 January 2009 00:32:30 schrieb Juliusz Chroboczek:
> > maybe the olsrd's sticky gateway feature can be a first attempt to
> > fix the issue:
> >
> > http://www.olsr.org/?q=sticky-gateway
> Unless I'm mistaken, this ``feature'' will cause persistent routing loops.
>                                         Juliusz
Yes, theoretically this can happen if the "sticky" threshhold is too large. 
That's the reason why we suggest a default of 0.3, which is much lower than 
the cost of a single hop.

We hope that we can solve this problem with the ipv4-to-ipv6 patch presented 
at the CCC in Berlin. This way each HNA gateway could get it's own 
ipv6 namespace, so we can address the gateway directly.

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