[Olsr-users] Two cards "AP+AdHoc"

Mehdi Bezahaf (spam-protected)
Fri Jan 2 21:17:27 CET 2009

Hi all and happy new year ;-),

I have boxes equipped with two physicals interfaces (ath0 ran as AP  
"802.11a" and ath1 in AdHoc mode "802.11b"). I want to know if it is  
possible using olsrd to run olsr only on the ath1 interfaces and have  
possibility to communicate the ath0 interfaces (non-olsr) with ath1  

For example:
If i have 4 routers, A(ath0, ath1), B(ath0, ath1), C(ath0, ath1), and  
D(ath0, ath1). routers run olsr on their ath1 interface, and offer  
connection to wireless stations. If i have two stations, sta1 and sta2.
Does it possible to have a ping between sta1 and sta2, where:

		sta1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'ath0' A 'ath1' --------------'ath1' B 'ath0'
						|				      |
						|				      |
						|				      |
						|				      |
				     'ath0' C 'ath1' --------------'ath1' D 'ath0' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sta2


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