[Olsr-users] Debug Output

Randy Buck (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 23 20:02:45 CET 2009

Merry Christmas!

In attempting to debug olsr, I have come across the need to distinguish
between the NLQ and the LQ in the debug under the LINKS (and TOPOLOGY)
sections.  However, there is simply one title for both (namely 'LQ').  Which
one is NLQ; which one is NQ?  Thanks for your help.  I've included sample
output for reference.


--- 12:45:41.568287 ----------------------------------------------------

IP address       hyst         LQ       ETX         0.000  0.765/0.686    1.905         0.000  0.686/0.686    2.123         0.000  0.439/0.580    3.923
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