[Olsr-users] Question on OLSR Dot Draw plugin

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 10 00:53:38 CET 2009

On Dec 9, 2009, at 10:52 AM, ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) wrote:

>> There are several web scripts to display dotdraw output, I don't know if any
>> of them use PHP.
> The most popular tool is written in Perl and it's called olsr-topology-view.pl and you can get it from:
> http://meshcube.org/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/browser/tools/
> but the meshcube.org site looks offline :( The author should be Bruno <(spam-protected)>
> This code is now hosted somewhere else ? Anyway I have a copy of the perl script somewhere ... but I'd like to know if there is an official/updated version.

Here is the hacked version of the original topo script by Bruno . I added some stuff (reverse lookups and a shell script "doit.sh" which you can call from a crontab file).
You might have to adjust paths. There exist multiple variants of this script and each network slightly adapted it.

Feel free to copy&paste&modify&feed back. I guess we could put it under contrib/ or lib/dot_draw into the source tree, no?



PS: in case you are using OS X, I recommend to get the OS X UI version of graphviz. There you can interactively play around with the parameters until you find the right settings for your graph layout in graphviz.

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