[Olsr-users] Plugin for reporting node add/delete

Bhat, Ishwara (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 15 10:37:32 CEST 2009


1.  My mesh is going to have max 20 nodes. But the Hello interval could
be around 1.0 second.
Do you think this is a problem?

I did not fully understand - " feel free to call your plugin in
olsr_delete_tc_entry() if it registers a function."

Do I need to modify the olsr code base to insert my plugin function? I
hope not.. This will make it difficult to maintain?

In dot draw plugin, I found usage of register_pcf ( which is implemented
in olsr.c). 
This dot draw plugin registers call back function. From the
implementation of this call back, it sounded like it gets called
whenever there is change in TC or LINK or HNA changes.

When I dug deeper, I found that olsr_process_changes() is actually
calling the list of registered callbacks. Please confirm!

But strangely it is forcing all the 3 flags (topology change, neighbors
change and HNA changes) to be true before calling the callbacks.

So my callback would parse through all the 3 lists, though it may not be

This question apart, I just need to implement a call back and pass it to

Please tell if I am on right track!


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Bhat, Ishwara wrote:
> I need to create a plugin for reporting node add/delete events.
> I can do it in 2 ways(?):
>    1. Create a timer at application and regularly loop through the
>       and other tables to get the snapshot of nodes.

uhhh bad ... does not scale for thousands of nodes ...

>    2. **Hopefully** OLSRd gives me some callback hookes on which my
>       plugin can rely on in order to report the node add/loss by

feel free to call your plugin in olsr_delete_tc_entry()
if it registers a function.

> Please tell if the second approach is possible. If so, anything I
> take care while writing this plugin?

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