[Olsr-users] Network stabilization time

Bhat, Ishwara (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 2 14:08:49 CEST 2009



I need advice. I have simple 4 node 3 hop ad-hoc network. 


With Hello = 1.0 and Hello validity= 5.0;  TC = 1.0, TC validity =6.0, I
start OLSRd.


How much time is required for the network to startup and fully discovers
all the routes at each of the nodes?



In 1st second 

- all the link discoveries would get over. (because of Hello timer being

- TCs would start getting broadcasted, but may not be fully stabilized.
(Tc = 1.0, but if Hellos have not reached all the nodes, the links known
to the nodes may not be completed)



2nd second -


            TC messages with "stabilized topology information"  would be
fboded and would reach all the nodes. 



Please tell if the above analysis is correct. Or is there any standard
'formula' for this?






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