[Olsr-users] 0.5.6 Routes disappear after 4 mins of uptime, then all OK - suspect clock sync

Bob Keyes (spam-protected)
Tue Sep 2 19:13:01 CEST 2008

Well, this is encouraging news. I have been having some trouble with the 
installation I have been working on, and this could be a part of it. I've 
been using OpenWRT on Avila boards, but have removed the GPS in it so the 
serial console will work during testing. This robs me of accurate time 

I hadn't noticed that olsrd's "temporary insanity" time was predictable. I 
thought it was something to do with my environment, and had been trying to 
track down the problem in that way.

I am eagerly awaiting patches, and more information.


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