[Olsr-users] Link quality multiplier

John Harris (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 13 22:24:32 CEST 2008


I wrote a previous message about choosing desired routes in Freifunk OLSR. 
My concern is to build a Hop-by-Hop routing to determine some network parameters like delay and jitter. I have 3 Linksys Router for this. My scenario looks like:

Client  A----------------->B-------------------->C Server

-where A,B,C are the routers
-C is the gateway router which send the HNA packets

Is is actually possible to send the packets in OLSR Hop-by-Hop  ? I read in the archive messages about changing the Link Quality Multiplier... 
How can I change it ?

I would be glad if someone could help me...

nice greetings...
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