[Olsr-users] OLSRd Scailability

aaron (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 31 12:10:39 CEST 2008

Henning Rogge wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 31 Juli 2008 11:34:05 schrieb Derek C:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm sure this has been discussed a lot before but I can't find out
>> anything exact on the net.
>> Is there a scalability "wall" with OLSRd?

Well, I must add: usually other mesh routing protocols start to have a
at ca. 100 nodes :))

So, in a sense - OLSR seems to me as still one of the most scalable
*tested* mesh protocols that I know of
(maybe excluding hierarchical protocols). Please send links to more
scalable protocols in case you know of them!
Maybe we can learn from them :)
Pure papers don't count (except for inspiration). Since scalability
needs to be tested in practice.

> Yes... at the moment you run against a wall because OLSR i
> s a little 
> bit "chaty" (it creates too many packages for routing). It will happen only 
> for larger networks (500+ nodes), 1000 nodes seem to be possible even with 
How many does freifunk have? Probably around 1000 by now.
How many does the athens wireless network have ?
Around 2300 (BGP + OLSR). c.f.: http://wind.awmn.net/?page=nodes

So, I am pretty confident that we well passed the 1000 nodes wall.
The next would be 10000 nodes. And I agree with Henning - once we reduce
the number of packets in the air
we will be able to scale higher. Dijkstra calculations don't seem to be
the problem anymore (thanks to the OLSR-NG efforts).

So to sum it up - I guess OLSR is already a pretty mature thing for
starting a new network.
However there is - as Henning suggested - *ample* room for improvement.
Especially in code readability, metric calculation, reducing the number
of packets in the air etc etc.

> embedded hardware (risc CPU 200 Mhz, less than 32 mb RAM).
BTW: Sven-Ola: did you ever operate your 30MHz OLSR-webcam inside the
freifunk network?

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