[Olsr-users] Multi-card Nodes

aaron (spam-protected)
Wed Jul 30 21:48:38 CEST 2008

Derek C wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to setup OLSRd with two backbone network cards?

> I am hoping to make nodes with three radio cards - two at 5Ghz and one
> 2Ghz card for customer access.
you can even run it with more than 32 cards if you like.

Just specify the interfaces in the "Interfaces" section of /etc/olsrd.conf

> I have been playing around with openwrt on gateworks boards (4 miniPCI
> slots) and three radio cards.  In my testing I've only been using typical
> AP / STA setups on the "backbone" radio cards (dynamic associations by AP
> MAC) and I'm using OSPF to handle dynamic routing but I've got problems
> with my test system not avoiding circular loops an missing the bandwidth
> supply nodes.  I've gone on the wrong path obviously so I'm now looking
> into OLSRd.
> thanks for any information!


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