[Olsr-users] Multi-card Nodes

Derek C (spam-protected)
Wed Jul 30 20:13:33 CEST 2008


Is it possible to setup OLSRd with two backbone network cards?

I am hoping to make nodes with three radio cards - two at 5Ghz and one
2Ghz card for customer access.

I have been playing around with openwrt on gateworks boards (4 miniPCI
slots) and three radio cards.  In my testing I've only been using typical
AP / STA setups on the "backbone" radio cards (dynamic associations by AP
MAC) and I'm using OSPF to handle dynamic routing but I've got problems
with my test system not avoiding circular loops an missing the bandwidth
supply nodes.  I've gone on the wrong path obviously so I'm now looking
into OLSRd.

thanks for any information!


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