[Olsr-users] Stuck TC-Edge entries in orphaned olsrd

Joerg Pommnitz (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 3 10:51:12 CEST 2008

looking through the code I found something that might explain what I'm
seeing regarding the stuck TC-Edge entry in an orphaned olsrd:

1) The TC entry in question seems to be tcmyself from olsr_init_tc(void):
tc_myself = olsr_add_tc_entry(&olsr_cnf->main_addr);

2) My gut feeling is, that the tc-edge entry comes from 
   void olsr_calculate_routing_table (void):

      if (!tc_edge) {
        tc_edge = olsr_add_tc_edge_entry(tc_myself, &neigh->neighbor_main_addr,
      } else {

Now I'm really not familiar enough with the olsrd code base, but this
is where something might go wrong. What kills this entry when the neighbor
is gone?


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