[Olsr-users] Compiling for LinksysWR54GL

Victor (spam-protected)
Sat Jan 26 06:44:59 CET 2008


Is there a quick guide somewhere that explains how to compile and install
the olsrd package and plugins onto the linksys routers?

I have managed to compile and run the olsrd and the secure plugin
successfully on the PC and now I want to know how to get it onto the

I have got the cross compiler and after adding in
(where my cross compiler is) to the make file of both the olsrd and secure
plugin make file. They seem to compile okay though strip fails to work on
the secure plugin. I'm also not 100% sure what to do now. I tried replacing
the /usr/lib/olsrd_secure.so.0.5 with the one I cross compiled but it failed
to load on reboot indicating to me it didn't work.

Thanks in advance

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