[Olsr-users] Routing problems with multiple interfaces

David Murray (spam-protected)
Fri Jan 25 11:49:30 CET 2008

Hi Aaron,

I tried out olsr 5.5 in my 6 node testbed today, node having two 
wireless interfaces. My experiences so far have been nothing but 
positive. I compiled it on debian etch machines and created .debs for 
my WRAPs running voyage linux. Everything worked seemed to work well.

I am however still having issues with the OLSR routing table sometimes 
being slightly different from the kernel routing table. OLSR does not 
seem to recover from these discrepancies no matter how long it is left 
for. The only workaround (that I am aware of) to overcome this problem 
is to do a "ifconfig ath0 down" wait 1 second and then a "ifconfig ath1 
up". This seems to reset the kernel routing tables. Do you know of any 
other ways to reset the kernel routing table. It seems that routing 
entries are never aged out.

Thanks again


> hm, strange but so far  I only came across people with troubles with  
> madwifi + adhoc.
> Which cards to you use?
> Anyway, I also recommend you to upgrade to 0.5.5tip  (http:// 
> olsrd.sourceforge.net/hg/olsrd/archive/tip.tar.gz)
> There was a bug with fragmented TC messages in 0.5.4
> a.

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