[Olsr-users] Broadcast Packets & Windows Routing

Roar Bjørgum Rotvik (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 22 10:55:56 CET 2008

Erik Tromp wrote:
> We had this discussion before (december 2006).
> Using a polling mechanism to read the packets to be forwarded would
> seriously impact the forwarding performance. Unless the polling
> is done 1000 times/second, but that would monopolize the CPU.

This is one of the reasons we made the PAA daemon run as it's own process outside of OLSR.

I have in the past also made a broadcast/multicast forwarding daemon that uses the 
flooding mechanism in OLSR to distribute data packets, much like the BMF plugin, but 
implemented both as a plugin (flooding of packets) and its own process for 
receiving/sending broadcast/mcat from/to LAN. This process then communicates with the 
olsrd-plugin to flood/receive flood packets.

Roar Bjørgum Rotvik

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