[Olsr-users] Freifunk mesh set up

Szili Dávid (spam-protected)
Sun Sep 30 16:30:13 CEST 2007


because of my German is not so good, I've decided to ask for help here 
first, before I take a look around at the Freifunk mailing lists.

I'm pretty newbie to OLSR and Freifunk and I'm not a networking expert, 
but I'm trying to set up an experimental mesh network.
I'm using two Linksys WRT54GS v4 routers with Freifunk 1.6.4 firmware. 
My aim is to connect to Node2 with my laptop (which has no OLSR) and 
reach the internet via Node1 (witch one is the internet gateway), so the 
network architecture is pretty simple: Laptop-->Node2-->Node1-->Internet.
When this one works, I also would like to extend the network with new 
routers and clients (clients will not use OLSR).

I've made the exact same settings described in this article:
The problem is, that the routers ain't communicate with each other (they 
sending out OLSR messages, but with strange message type values), they 
can't ping each other, and there's no entries at the OLSR table under 
the Status menu in the web interface.

Can you tell me what else should I set up to get the network running?
It would be also helpful if someone could send me a working network 
configuration (with a few details).

Thanks in advance.


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