[Olsr-users] trouble with bmf

Dave Rivenburg (spam-protected)
Fri Sep 14 05:02:49 CEST 2007

olsr 0.5.3
kamikaze 7.07
ad-hoc connection between two wrt54gl's
 - lan is not bridged with wireless
the only olsr interface is wl0
/dev/net/tun exists, tun module is loaded
route exists for bmf0

Everything works like it is supposed to until I do:

nothing comes back.  I see udp packets being sent from
one router and received by the other over the wl0
interface on port 50698.  I tried an empty LoadPlugin
section in olsrd.conf and also with some of the
PlParam options.

The -I option for ping (from busybox 1.4.2) allows
setting of the source ip address.  I tried every
address the router has, still no luck.

Where do I go from here?



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