[Olsr-users] Wireless drivers and kernel oops

David Murray (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 31 10:49:31 CET 2007


I was just going through some of the posts on the list and I found the 
following posted by Sven-ola

Re: [Olsr-users] Problems with OLSR  (Thu, 20 Sep 2007 13:05:18 +0200)

"* You use madwifi. Madwifi sucks. At least with IBSS. At least with MIPSEL.
Stops sending whenever it likes (depends on weather IMO). You may need to
verfiy the link layer e.g. with arping. And it's possible to re-init sending
with "while true; do iwlist athX scan;sleep 5;done" (which in turn may oops
on 5 Ghz - depends on your madwifi hal + patchset + iwpriv trick).
My two cents & have fun,
// Sven-Ola"

The post was in response to some general problems that a user was 
having. I have been trying to do some things with MADWiFi drivers 
lately and have been noticing these exact problems (kernel oops) when 
trying to change channels in the 5GHz band. Does anyone have any 
workarounds for this? What drivers/chipsets are most people here using 
for ad-hoc mesh networks?


PS: I know this is not the MADWiFi support channel but I have raised 
this issue with them nobody there seems to have encountered the problem

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