[Olsr-users] Why BMF is forwarding the multicast packets as unicast?

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Tue Oct 23 18:58:01 CEST 2007


The scenario consists of two nodes working in ad-hoc mode with each  
node running olsr v-0.5.3 and BMf plugin 1.5.1. In my case, If Node A  
generates the multicast traffic with MGEN then instead of receiving  
the multicast packtes the Node B receives the unicast packtes and it  
ackknowledges the individual packtes as well. I am using as  
the multicast address.

This behavior has been observed by capturing the packets on Node B  
using WireShark and even by sniffing the 802.11 traffic and each  
packet has its src.addr [Node A] and dest.adr [Node B] --> not

Ok, the same is true if the ad hoc network consist of three nodes with  
olsr-bmf running.

I have the following lines for the OLSR-BMF,

   LoadPlugin "olsrd_bmf.so.1.5"
       PlParam "BmfInterface" "bmf0"
	PlParam "CapturePacketsOnOOlsrInterfaces" "yes"

Curious to know the reason.

Best wishes,

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