[Olsr-users] BMF overhead

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Thu Oct 11 17:32:58 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I have recently joined the mailing list and wish you all a good day.

I have a question regarding the BMF overhead. As per my understanding  
the BMF overhead is 36 bytes i.e.
Outer IP          : 20 Bytes
UDP               : 8 Butes
BMF Encapsulation : 8 Bytes

I have simple scenario in which I am generating  multicast traffic  
between the two ad hoc nodes through MGEN 4.0 and logging at the  
receiver end at the same time. The task is to calculate the routing  
overhead due to OLSR. I already have an idea of the OLSR control  
messages and just want to confirm the BMF overhead as it encapsulates  
the multicast packets.

Aamir Mahmood

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