[OLSR-users] Interface configuration

David Murray (spam-protected)
Wed May 2 05:09:52 CEST 2007


I have read through Tonnesen's Masters thesis and the OLSR 
documentation but I still have a few questions about the configuration 
of network interfaces in OLSR.

I have a 3 node test setup here, each node has 2 wireless cards running 
MADWiFi drivers. I was testing out OLSR routing in this network 
however, I found that I was only able to form routes when for each set 
of network interfaces used different subnets for each wireless link. 
After reading Tonnesen's thesis, I was under the impression that OLSR 
used host routes and not network / aggregated routes. Is it possible I 
did something wrong? Also, is ad hoc mode the only wireless mode that 
OLSR will work over or can WDS mode also be used.

Thanks for your time

David Murray

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