[Olsr-users] Announce: IPv6 autoconf for OLSR and Babel networks

Juliusz Chroboczek (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 21 18:47:53 CEST 2007

Hello to all,

IPv6 stateless autoconf and DHCPv6 don't work well for ad-hoc networks
(or at least not without significant changes).  AHCP is my attempt at
an autoconf protocol for such networks.

In addition to choosing an IPv6 address, AHCP will start a routing
daemon and configure a DNS server.  Currently, only OLSR and Babel are
supported, but the protocol is extensible and there is no reason why
I shouldn't add your favourite routing protocol to AHCP.

The protocol is described on


where you will also find a link to the ahcpd daemon (for Linux only
but easy to port; an earlier version used to run on Mac OS X).

While I have your ear, I'd also like to announce Babel, a routing
protocol for ad-hoc networks, which you'll find on




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