[OLSR-users] Multi-Radio Multi-Channel support in OLSR???

Rajesh Narayanan (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 25 23:42:26 CET 2007


I posted this in the openwrt forum as well. Thought I might as well stir the
hornets nest a little more. Only the OLSR part is specifically relevant .
Has anyone looked at multi-radio multi-channel support in the OLSR though???

I'm trying to look at any open-source implementations for MCMR. If I do find
I'll post it here.


Here is the post
It just occured to me that there might be a possible for supporting
multi-radio multi-channel support in the OpenWRT platform. Many
mesh-networking companies typically tout multi-radio/multi-channel support.

Here is a possible method by which three Linksys routers can be combined to
support multi-radio multi-channel.

1. Hardware
    - Put the three linksys (could be any other device) routers in Bridge
    - The three routers are physically connected via the ethernet LAN ports
    - Lets call these routers LS1, LS2 and LS3.
    - I have tested the bridge-mode connection and works quite well
    - Essentially provides a very wide Layer2 connection
    - These three linksys routers can be stacked on top of each other
essentially providing 3 radios (you could use 2 for 2 radios)
    - This will how a Node-group will look like
                         \        / <-- Radio1
                             |  <----------- Wired link
                         \   |   /  <-- Radio2
                             |  <----------- Wired link
                         \   |   /  <-- Radio3

2. Software
    - This is the secret-sauce that needs to be developed. The goal is:
    - Launch it in each of the routers LS1, LS2, LS3
    - Communicate among each other to know they are part of the same bridge
    - Have a channel allocation scheme for each router so they do not
mutually interfere with each other.
    - This needs to be a modular and scalable architecture so that nodes can
be added to the stack in an on-demand basis.
    - The secret sauce could be developed either as a plugin for OLSR or for
the spanning-tree-protocol implementation.
    - The STP implementation would mean that its one big layer-2 wireless
network with the node-groups forming some kind of non-loop network
    - OLSR-plugin would obviously mean that all node-groups act as
olsr-routers with intelligent channel assignment schemes.

3. References:
* While writing this post I did some web-search and looks like there is
already some activity that is similar to what I am suggesting -
* (more references later)
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