[OLSR-users] problem to change a route

Yoshihiko (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 24 02:49:58 CET 2007

Hi all,

My test topology is following, IPv6 and same prefix using.

   |           |

node1 is deleted and added the entry of node4 of the routing table
when a route changes into node1->node3->node4 from node1->node2->node4.
When it tries to transmit an IP packet for node4 the moment there is
no entry for node4 in the routing table:
  - ICMP Neighbor solution is transmitted. (ARP with IPv4)
  - Cache entry registered node4 exists in 1 hop to routing table.
An IP packet for node4 can't be transmitted until this cache entry
How to avoid this problem won't be without changing prefix of each node?

Yoshihiko <(spam-protected)>

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