[OLSR-users] Routing. Please RTFM.

Florian E. Teply (spam-protected)
Sun Jan 14 23:05:46 CET 2007

Sven-Ola Tuecke wrote:
> Hey,
> nobody does RTFM obviously. Spelling is: "Read [...]" (gives extra
> points). There's a really good site out there (http://lartc.org/ ) which
> explains stuff in depth: Here's a small test (you need to read 3 points
> to survive):
> What is a "Host route":
>  [ Fill in answer] 1pt
> What is a "Policy route"
>  [ Fill in answer] 1pt
> What is a "Default route"
>  [ Fill in answer] 1pt
> Graduates welcome ;-)
umm, could i try and take the exam next Wednesday at c-base? ;-)
Would be cool to have some sort of diploma for this stuff ;-)


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