[OLSR-users]anyone who has ever used Multicast on OLSR?

Jeong Ki Min (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 11 22:27:51 CET 2007


My name is Jeong Ki Min.
I'm running olsr on 10 linux machines with wireless network.
Olsr looks works fine on this testbed.

I'm trying to run Multicast with olsr on my wireless testbed.
So, I installed bmf module in olsr, and when olsr is loaded the bmf
modules looks loaded well.
And I added " route add -net netmask dev ath0".

When I test multicast by iperf, it works well between two node which are
under one-hop.
But if I try to test multicast under multi-hop (even two-hop), it
doesn't work at all.

I followed every instruction from olsr readme and bmf readme.
And when I do "ping -I ath0", one-hop neighbor can response.

Kernel version is and I'm using gentoo linux.
Wireless apdater is NETGEAR with Atheros chipset, so I'm using
madwifi-old driver.
Every node uses ad-hoc mode.

I would really appreciate if you would give me any idea about how to
solve this problem.


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