[Olsr-users] Building Olsrd 0.5.4 for an embedded machine

David Murray (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 19 03:32:56 CET 2007

> From: Bernd Petrovitsch <(spam-protected)>
> On Die, 2007-12-18 at 11:36 +0900, David Murray wrote:
> [...]
>> I was just wondering if anyone here has experience building newer
>> versions of Olsrd for embedded machines. I am using a distro called
> Not that I personally tried it recently but set CC to the cross-compiler
> (and perhaps some other minor tweaks in the various make variables) and
> it should work out of the box.
> Since Sven-Ola is regularly building it for an OpenWrt-like distro, he
> would have mentioned any problems.
>> How should I go about getting the latest olsrd and olsrd-plugins on an
>> embedded distro? So far I have virtualised my platform on qemu and
> Get the source and compile it?
> If you need/want a package: Depends on the packaging tool.
>> produced a .deb on that. However the resulting .deb will not install on
>> the embedded machine (dependency on libc6) [2].
> Which libc do you use?
> What type of kernel (*BSD, Linux, ucLinux, ...)?
> 	Bernd

Apologies Bernd, I should have been more clear. The embedded machine 
that I am building for is an x86 based machine but it does not have the 
processing power to compile. To build things for it I have been using a 
virtualised copy of the distro in qemu .

The distro uses a Debian based linux kernel based on etch - 
2.6.20-486-voyage. libc version 2.3.6.ds1-13etch2. The strange thing is 
building from source in the virtualised machine is fine. However when I 
make a .deb (something that is transportable the actual non-virtualised 
system), when I try to install it there is a dependency for libc to be 
greater than vers >= 2.6. If I manually remove this dependency from the 
installation requirements in the .deb then it will install fine but 
will get a segmentation error after a while.

I am not sure quite where to go from here. Is there any way to move a 
compiled olsrd between identical systems without using a package (eg a 


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