[Olsr-users] Building Olsrd 0.5.4 for an embedded machine

David Murray (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 18 03:36:17 CET 2007


I was just wondering if anyone here has experience building newer 
versions of Olsrd for embedded machines. I am using a distro called 
voyage linux (deb based) on the WRAP platform. This distro uses the 
debian etch packages that are not new enough for my purposes. I need a 
version of olsrd that will run with the txtinfo plugin [1].

How should I go about getting the latest olsrd and olsrd-plugins on an 
embedded distro? So far I have virtualised my platform on qemu and 
produced a .deb on that. However the resulting .deb will not install on 
the embedded machine (dependency on libc6) [2].

I can build the package on the virtualised platform so is there any way 
to move it across without using .debs?

Thanks for your time

[1] Looking through the precompiled binaries it seems that txt-info 
will not be released in olsrd-plugins until hardy herron is released in 
a couple of months. It will be much longer until embedded OS's get 
those packages.

[2] You can remove the dependency when building the .deb but the 
resulting olsrd is unstable.

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