[Olsr-users] Route Entry

Ben McCarthy (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 6 16:18:27 CET 2007

Hi all,


If I do an ip -route get on an IPv6 route installed by olsrd, I get the
following output:


(spam-protected):/home/host1# ip -6 route get 2001:db4::1111

2001:db4::1111 from :: via 2001:db4::1111 dev eth2  src 2001:db3::1111
metric 0 

    cache  mtu 1500 advmss 1440 hoplimit 4294967295


I am trying to identify where in the current code (Linux) the "src" portion
of this route is added to the routing table. When I run another service in
conjunction with olsrd I have noticed that it is altering this src address
field and subsequently the link breaks. So I'm trying to determine whether
this alteration of the src field is the cause.


Any pointers would be much appreciated.





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