[Olsr-users] main_addr remains unchanged

Siamak Eskandari (spam-protected)
Sun Aug 19 16:57:09 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,
I have tried to change ip address of an wireless interface from a plugin right after the olsrd is started.
I observed that the ip address of the interface changes, while the ip address of the node(main_addr) remains unchanged. Actually it remains the prior address of the interface.
Due that fact I tried to change the ip address of "main_addr" directly in my code by using the following functions:
memcpy(&main_addr,&interface->ip_addr) and memcpy(&main_addr,ifreq.ifr_addr);
check_interface_updates( )
chk_if_changed( )
Any explanation?
I appreciate to get help.

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