[OLSR-users] olsr_switch with MacOSX 10.4

Jérôme LEBEGUE (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 25 14:02:26 CEST 2007


I have tried to test olsr_switch (from the latest stable version 0.5) on 
my powerbook but with no luck.

I downloaded the sources then compile it (olsrd and olsr_switch).

I made a very very light config file and test run by using only two nodes.
Everything seemed to work flawlessly but no HELLO messages are exchanged 
between my two nodes.
I mean olsr_switch is running, both olsrd in hemu mode are running but 
no exchange happened.

I then try the same thing on a linux station (get the sources, compile 
olsrd and olsr_switch, copy the same small config file then run) and ... 
it works ^^

is my mac being reluctant to the OLSR technology or anyone encountered 
the same issue ?


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