[OLSR-users] OLSR and Quagga Packages

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 23 16:32:46 CEST 2007

Dan Flett schrieb:
> Hi Guys,
> It would be really cool if on the downloads page of olsr.org there were
> WhiteRussian and Kamikaze OpenWRT ipkg's of olsrd 0.5.0.  These don't seem
> to be available anywhere else - unless the Freifunk version works with
> Whiterussian and/or Kamikaze.  The OpenWRT site only has 0.4.10 for
> Whiterussian, and no binary snapshots for Kamikaze.
> Also, it would be great if there were deb, rpm and OpenWRT ipkg's of
> Quagga-0.98.6 with the OLSR patch applied.  Again, this isn't available from
> the Quagga site or anywhere else.

olsrd-quagga patch is on the way. We have no possibilities to test it, 
so it would be nice if you throw the olsrpatch into the quagga patchdir 
and test it, so it can get commited.

> Having these packages available will go a long way towards promoting OLSRd
> and getting a "foot in the door" in Quagga-dominated networks - there are
> many in Australia, and probably lots elsewhere.
> Has anyone asked on the Quagga mailing list if they are interested in
> applying the Quagga-OLSR patch to Quagga permanently?
> Dan

Greets, alex

P.S.: it is hard to find this mail in a threaded mailreader, because you 
pressed on reply instead of compose.

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