[OLSR-users] Is it possible to run the olsrd in QEMU, UML or XEN?

Wojciech Zabolotny (spam-protected)
Sat Apr 21 16:12:38 CEST 2007


Sorry, my previous message got corrupted (at least the subject).
Therefore I'm resending it once again.
Sorry for confusion :-(.

I have a following problem. The user would like to use his laptop as
the node of the mesh network, while having it connected to the
non-public wired net, but he/she has the following objections:
1) He/she is afraid of running the olsrd from the root account
2) He/she is afraid that olsrd will disturb the routing tables, and
the laptop will loose
connectivity with the wired home or corporate network
3) He/she is afraid of compromising the wired network if someone from
the open mesh network  finds and exploits the security hole in the

I think, that the above problems could be easily solved by running the
olsrd in the "sandbox", eg on the emulated machine (with QEMU, UML or

I have done a few experiments with such setup, but I could not solve
the problem with bidging between the WLAN NIC and TUN/TAP interface
(the problem which is described here:

It is interesting, that while my WLAN NIC (ipw3945 abg) is able to
work with the MAC arbitrarily set with "ifconfig hw ether ...", or
with macchanger, it is not able to perform the sender's MAC spoofing
required by the bridging code :-(.
Well, anyway the optimal solution should not be limited to the
particular WLAN NIC chipset...

Is there any possibility to have olsrd running on the emulated PC
while connected to the physical host's WLAN NIC?

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