[OLSR-users] deb of 0.5.0?

Frank Becker (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 13 11:41:49 CEST 2007

Drew [2007-04-07, 19:50 +0200]:

> Now that 0.5.0 is out, is there anywhere to get a .deb of it?
I rather quickly built new packets out of it.

Please have a try at
# olsrd
#deb http://www.skyhub.de/debian/ unstable main
deb http://www.skyhub.de/debian/ unstable/
#deb-src http://www.skyhub.de/debian/ unstable main
deb-src http://www.skyhub.de/debian/ unstable/

Note, I did not upload the packages to the repository as stated on
I'll do that after I have some feedback or I found the time to check
the packets myself. I'm not using mesh networking at the moment.

To create packages for other releases should be quite straight forward
out of the src package. I'll create etch and probably feisty packages
too if there are folks interested in that.

Now there is also an olsr-switch packet.


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