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Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 27 10:18:59 CET 2006


In plain OLSR all nodes know about all "MPR links". That is, only MPRs
will emit TC messages, and these messages will only contain the MPRs
MPR-selectors. So only "MPR links" will be known throughout the network.
Also a node knows about all 1 and 2 hop links due to neighbor sensing.

However, TC redundancy can be set so that all links are announced
by all nodes in the network. Check section 15.1 in RFC 3626

- Andreas

Sudheendra Murthy wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question regarding the topology information maintained at 
> each node in the standard OLSR protocol. In the standard OLSR, does 
> each node know the entire network topology? For instance, if there are 
> 50 nodes and 75 links in the network (assuming static network), does 
> each node know about all the 75 links? It would seem unnecessary to 
> maintain information about all links in the network. I noticed that 
> with the olsrd implementation that the dot_draw plugin can print the 
> entire network topology. Does this mean, each node knows the entire 
> network topology? Thanks in advance for the reply.
> - Sudhi.
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