[OLSR-users] Benjamin's negative weight patch/Asymmetric routes

Travis Mikalson (spam-protected)
Tue May 30 15:44:04 CEST 2006

Hi, I just subscribed to this list. I have been experimenting with OLSR 
for the last few days and I intend to start using it in production shortly.

I saw Benjamin Henrion posted a patch on March 29th for negative weights 
which would theoretically enable us to create asymmetric routes on 
purpose if I'm understanding him correctly.

The URL he provided doesn't work, though.

Anyway, I am interested in forcing OLSR to use asymmetric routes on 
purpose to create a "full-duplex" sort of connection. Two wireless links 
between two sites, each link handling the traffic in only one direction. 
Of course I'd like to use OLSR and weights rather than static routes so 
if one of the two wireless links goes down it will start passing traffic 
in both directions over the remaining link.

|                                     |
|[ethernet]                           |[ethernet]
|                                     |

I use four separate systems above for some nice redundancy. A simpler 
demonstration using two systems instead of four:

SystemA                              SystemB

Any ideas for accomplishing this?
I experimented with hysteresis/weight and LQ/LinkQualityMult, the route 
always remains symmetric.

Of course when I go into production I like LQ and intend to use it 
instead of hysteresis, but if a negative weight via Benjamin's patch is 
the only way to accomplish asymmetric routing I would be stuck not being 
able to use LQ anywhere on my network.

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