[OLSR-users] olsrd can't find the main address of an interface

Tommi Halonen (spam-protected)
Fri May 19 14:57:20 CEST 2006

Thanks Andreas for the fast reply! I didn't see any difference on the
behaviour after the patch though:( I integrated it by hand, but it was only
commenting out one return + the trace/log prints in linux/net.c, right?

I haven't yet familiarized myself with the code, so I'm not sure should I go
guessing, but should something be done in chk_if_up() (in unix/ifnet.c)?
Just a thought, because there it can't find the IP address of the interface.

If everything works fine with the interface, should I see the
LINKS/NEIGHBORS/TOPOLOGY info (with default debug level)? I'm asking this
only to get a sense of when things are going right and when they're not...

Oh and should this go to olsr-dev instead of olsr-users..?

Thanks again,


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Hi Tommi,

Olsrd will not run on "alias" interfaces such as wlan0:1 because it binds
to the interface using the somewhat hackish SO_BINDTODEVICE setsockopt.
This socket option cannot be used on alias interfaces. Ofcause one could
consider binding to the real device(wlan0 in this case), but I'm not sure
how that would work with different IF states on wlan0 vs. wlan0:1 etc.

Anyways, if you just need some special olsrd code for running on the 770
not using more than one interface then you can apply the attatched patch
to the current cvs version. Note that olsrd will not be able to disable
the IP spoof filter og disable ICMP redirects when using this code.

- Andreas

> Hi,
> just started working on olsrd and Nokia 770 device (Debian/ARM).
> I got olsrd running on the device, where I've got a WLAN network set up
> between a couple of those devices in an ad hoc mode.
> ifconfig lists interfaces "wlan0" and "wlan0:1", where the first one does
> not have an IP address, but the latter does. In the olsrd.conf I only have
> "wlan0" listed as one can't use "wlan0:1" (can't find the reference
> stating
> this anymore, but hopefully I remember this right). When starting olsrd,
> it
> prints (for wlan0) "Wireless interface detected" and "Could not get
> address
> of interface - skipping it".
> I tried to search the olsr.org and the archives of these mailing lists on
> how to configure this kind of interface, but couldn't find any.
> Unfortunately I'm novice both in olsrd and Linux, so I'm kind of stuck
> here...
> For a reference, if I connect the device to a WLAN access point (in
> contrast
> to an ad hoc network), the first interface (wlan0) gets an IP address. In
> this situation olsrd starts up nicely. But I'm interested in the ad hoc
> mode, so this doesn't help...
> Any help or pointers to right place to start finding information is
> appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Tommi Halonen
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