[OLSR-users] Weird problem?

Vijay Kolaventy (spam-protected)
Wed May 17 08:42:34 CEST 2006


I have setup two olsr nodes, one with Voyage Linux
running WRAP board with 2 atheros wifi cards and the
other with OpenWRT on Linksys WRT54GL. My problem is
that the nodes are not able to see each other.
I have installed olsr on my laptop running on XP. What
I am trying to do is:


When I manually connect laptop to Node1 and run the
olsr, everything seems to be working but the nodes are
not able to find each other by themselves.
My guess is that the nodes are for some reason not
joining the network. I already tried setting up their
ssid with same name and also with different names but
it didnt make any difference.
The following is my olsr.conf
DebugLevel      0
IpVersion       4
ClearScreen     no
AllowNoInt      no

UseHysteresis   no


HystScaling     0.50
HystThrHigh     0.80
HystThrLow      0.30
LinkQualityLevel        2
LinkQualityWinSize      100
Pollrate        0.5
TcRedundancy    2
MprCoverage     3

LoadPlugin "olsrd_dot_draw.so.0.3"
        PlParam "port"  "2004"
        PlParam "Host"  ""

LoadPlugin "olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.4"
   PlParam     "Interval"   "60"
   PlParam     "Ping"       ""

LoadPlugin "olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1"
         PlParam "Net"   ""
         PlParam "port"  "8080"

LoadPlugin "olsrd_nameservice.so.0.2"
         PlParam "name"  "Starnet-SeaShells"
         PlParam "hosts-file"    "/etc/resolv.olsr"
         PlParam "suffix" ".olsr"

Interface "ath0"
    HelloInterval    5.0
    HelloValidityTime   90.0
    TcInterval          10.0
    TcValidityTime      90.0
    MidInterval         15.0
    MidValidityTime     90.0
    HnaInterval         15.0
    HnaValidityTime     90.0

I have configure the nodes as follows

Node 1 (WRAP):

Node 2 (Linksys):

No firewall or no nat on both nodes. I have been
struggling with this problem for past 2 days
sleepless. Somebody please help.


Best regards

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