[OLSR-users] secure plugin(SHA1 and cygwin) problem

SUGIZAKI Yoshio (spam-protected)
Wed May 10 07:30:14 CEST 2006


I try Secure Plugin(SHA1) on cygwin.
However, olsrd doesn't load "olsrd_secure.dll".
olsrd hangup!

The following is log.
MID: init
Scheduler event registered int: 1.00
Scheduler event registered int: 1.00
Loading plugins...

---------- Plugin loader ----------
Library: olsrd_secure.dll            <---hangup


olsrd source file "plugin_loader.c"
 if((new_entry.dlhandle = dlopen(libname, RTLD_NOW)) == NULL)

"dlopen()" is not NULL, doesn't return.

Secure Plugin(MD5) succeed on cygwin.
I thinks that the cause is openssl.

Cygwin ver.?(latest)
olsrd ver.0.4.10
openssl ver.0.9.8

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