[OLSR-users] wlan and lan bridged?

Joe Bush (spam-protected)
Wed Jun 7 16:50:06 CEST 2006

> beware of Briding endless-feedback (aka Broadcast Ping/Pong). Small example:
> Device1(Wifi+Eth bridged)
> |wifi    |wire
> Device2(Wifi+Eth bridged)
> Because of the two connections (wifi + wire) you will experimence a very
> high packet load if the first broadcast packet is received...
> HTH Sven-Ola

My devices are all wireless. No loops. :) Although this happened to me
after getting my last box (router) running olsr while another was
still connected to it. I got so distracted by the sudden increased
latency, I forgot the cable and started trying to figure out what I
did wrong with the configuration on the router. :)

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