[OLSR-users] Non-OLSR ad-hoc client

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Wed Jun 7 16:25:31 CEST 2006

> If this is not supposed to work, I am quite surprised that I was
> browing along just fine from my PocketPC. What could be the cause of
> that?

Can you describe the topology of your network?

> Btw, is it restricted in the specification from allowing OLSR nodes
> from adding locally connected non-olsr peers to the routing? I figured
> that these peers can be listed, but not used as nodes in the network.
> End-nodes.

One could always add special functionallity that would list locally
connected devices as MID addresses for the GW node but this is not part of
the spesification. OLSR (or our variant of it...) is based upon the idea
that all participating nodes are running olsr and are forwarding traffic.
But creating a solution based on using MID could be interesting.

- Andreas

> Joe
> On 6/7/06, Andreas T√łnnesen <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> The functionality you describe is not supported by olsrd. You need to be
>> runnig olsrd to be part of the routing domain and get traffic routed to
>> you.
>> There are a couple of ways to get this to work:
>> - Some sort of address translation on the gateway node since the network
>> has no route back to your pocketPC. As soon as you add mobility this
>> becomes messy.
>> - Have a subnet of your own set up for your pocketPC and the gw. This
>> way
>> the GW can announce the actual route to this sunbet using HNA. Ofcause,
>> this also becomes messy once you add mobility(between the
>> pocketPC/GW)...
>> - Andreas
>> > So far I have gone under the assumption that wireless clients
>> connecting
>> > to
>> > the OLSR network must also run OLSR. This seemed somewhat logical, but
>> > I was disappointed not to be able to use my PocketPC on the network.
>> >
>> > I just tested out a theory, however. Since each machine/ap running
>> > OLSR is essentially a router on top of an ad-hoc client, I configured
>> > my PocketPC to use a nearby node as my gateway.
>> >
>> > This worked painlessly to get my PocketPC on the internet. I have,
>> > unfortunately, not found any documentation that states that this is a
>> > desired function of OLSR, but am very happy that this works.
>> >
>> > Sorry if this post seems obvious to anyone. I figured that I may not
>> > be the only one to interpret it this way and wanted to share my
>> > experience.
>> >
>> > If there is a link to some good. practical documentation, please send
>> > a link. I haven't been able to find much concrete stuff.
>> >
>> > Joe
>> >
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