[OLSR-users] Freifunk: Port Blocking / OpenVPN

P C (spam-protected)
Sat Jul 8 23:46:14 CEST 2006

1. How do I block all traffic To Ports I specify?
(I am familiar with logging in ssh & modifying configs in Freifunk).

2. How do I create an OpenVPN tunnel between two specific Freifunk units?  Will openvpn will allow devices to view each other's MAC addresses, no matter what side of the tunnel they are on?  If not, is there another way to maintain the MAC address identification?  I'm setting up HotSpot software for (authentication and bandwidth management) at my gateway, some HotSpot software can function with IP only, but most of the better HotSpot software requires MAC addresses of the clients to be known to function properly.
Thanks, -pc 

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