[OLSR-users] Olsr on Suse 10.0 works only partially

stn21 (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 27 15:51:44 CET 2006

Hi all,

Olsr(d) runs fine on windows and on my WRT54g with the "freifunk"-firmware

Now I installed it on Suse 10.0. with a MD40900-USB-Stick and ndiswrapper.

Here olsrd does not find any nodes, and does not set up any routes.

BUT: on the neighbor-nodes of the network (the WRT and a Windows-PC with 
olsr) the IP of the Linux-PC is visible in Nodes, but also not in Routes.
Also the AP can ping the Linux-PC and the PC can ping the AP, therefore 
the wlan-connection is up. Just no routes :-(

Any hints on what is wrong here?

Thanks, Stefan

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