[OLSR-users] Using the mesh to connect to the internet

Soumendra Nanda (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 22 23:24:42 CET 2006


Sorry for what may sound like a newbie question to many of you!

How do I have a node act as a gateway to the internet for the mesh?

I have a mesh running in the 192.168.1.x range and everyone can ping
everyone else.

I have one node which is on eth2 wireless and has
a wired ethernet interface eth0 which is connected to the internet. eth0 is
assigned an IP by using dhclient.

>From I can ping both and the IP of the eth0 but no
IPs on the web.

I have no firewalls running.

I am not sure if I need to just change the HNA settings and /or load the
dyn_gw plugin and /or the namesever plugin.

Any suggestions? sample gateway conf files would be really appreciated!

S Nanda
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